River Feed the Homeless - Thanks to the Brethren of Square and Compass #3, Yokosuka Mason Lodge Cherry Blossom Lodge #42 for all the support and donations, the event was a success. We will again schedule another visit to continue on giving Hope to the less fortunate people. Faith, Hope Charity.



Masonic Education - Masonic education has been held on the topic of What is Freemasonry.  

WBro Scott Brooks has been assigned as the Chairman of the Lodge Masonic Education. 


Committee – Committee chairman has been assigned and again due to our numbers we assign committee chairman in the following area:

    1. Charity Committee which consist of the 3 Pillars

    2. Refreshment committee -  Bro Sec

    3. Standing Funds committee – 3 Pillars

    4. Audit Committee - WM

    5. Lodge History Committee - MW Bro Philip Ambrose

    6. Masonic Education Committee - WBro Scott Brooks

    7. Community Relation Committee -  Bro Jim De Thomas





We wish you a very prosperous 2017!     















Freemasonry, in general, was founded in order to become a charitable organization based on philanthropy and civic duty.


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