Masonic wedding sponsored by Kokusai Lodge 15 at Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Japan April 4, 2015 Brother Scott Zickafoos and Takako-san.

Fussa Children's New Year's Festival- Jan. 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

This year marked our second time taking part in the local Fussa City Children's New Year's Event.  Like last year, we made "can badges" for hundreds of participating children and parents.  Each "can badge" contained that person's picture with the local Fussa city mascot as a "lucky souvenir" of this enjoyable annual event!

 Kokusai Lodge #15 Awards 25-year Pin to Worshipful Brother Clayton "Robbie" Robertson!

Worshipful Brother Clayton "Robbie" Robertson was initiated in Kokusai Lodge #15 on July 14, 1988 and became a Master Mason on September 22, 1988.  WBro. Robertson served the Brethren of #15 as Worshipful Master in 1991 and continued to serve the Fraternity long afterward.  Below is a list of his many additional contributions to Freemasonry over the years:

. VM Santama Lodge of Perfection, Scottish Rite, Fussa, Japan, 1992

. President Abdallah Shrine Clowns, 1995

. Director Abdallah Shrine Clowns, 1996-2003

. President, Central States Shrine Clown Association, 2005

. WM King Solomon Lodge #5, A.F.& A.M., Leavenworth, KS 2007

. Webmaster, International Shrine Clown Association, 2009-present

. Secretary/Treasurer Central States Shrine Clown Association, 2011

In his usual vocation, WBro. Robertson served in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Master Sergeant in 1993.  WBro. Robertson continued to proudly serve his country as a civilian contractor for the U.S. Department of the Army until his retirement in 2013. 

The Brethren of Kokusai Lodge #15 is proud to have WBro. Robertson among its ranks of over 100 men of strong moral character who have done so much to strengthen their local community.  Thank you so much, WBro. Robertson, for your many years of service!

 Fussa Clean-up Event - October 6, 2013

This year, we made official contact with the local Fussa Chapter of the Junior Chamber-- another community service-oriented organization.  We were happy to mark the beginning of our official correspondence and cooperation between Kokusai Lodge #15 and the Fussa Chapter by supporting their regularly scheduled Fussa clean-up on Sunday morning.  We look forward to working with the Junior Chamber and other community service organizations in supporting the Fussa community!

Ekiden Run Funraiser - June 3, 2012

As always, Kokusai Lodge #15 has continued to do fundraisers in order to continue with all of our charitable endeavors.  This June some of the brothers got together and worked the Ekiden run on Yokota Air Base.  By participating in these events it allows us to continue giving away our annual scholarships, donate to a local orphanage, and other charities that arise.  This event is a great opportunity for us to get out in the community and show everyone who we are and what we do.  In addition it is also a great way for the brothers to get together and work.

 Frostbite Run Funraiser - January 15. 2012

Well we are again off to a beautiful start to a new Masonic year.  In order to continue with all of our charitable endeavors it is necessary from time to time to do some type of fundraising event.  We try to do several each year, this year started off with the Frostbite run.  Our lodge was extremely fortunate to have the assistance of brothers from three other lodges here in the Tokyo area.  The monies which we raise will allow us as a lodge to continue giving.  This is something that our lodge loves to do and it helps us make our community a little better.   Our lodge would like to say Thank You to every Brother who came out and gave us a hand.  As always, it was a great opportunity to get together and do a little work.  It was great seeing everyone and we look forward to more work together in the future.


Kokusai Lodge’s 2011 Mason of the Year

Bro. Ayumu Nakano

Masonic Year 2011 was a very busy year for our small, humble

lodge.  However, after losing several brothers to moves and other

various reasons many brothers of Kokusai Lodge #15 picked up

the gauntlet and carried on.  As many of us know Masons act upon

the Level and we all do what we can to help our lodges, brothers and communities in general.  Nevertheless, there is always one brother

who steps up. 

This year for Kokusai Lodge #15, it was Brother Ayumu Nakano. 

He always went above and beyond to meet all the needs of the Lodge

which included countless hours outside of the lodge.  In addition to

serving as the Junior Warden of Kokusai Lodge, he chaired several

lodge committees including the Off Base Charity Committee and the

Building Committee.  Keeping with the lodges vision of getting more

involved with our local community, he spearheaded the move to

find more organizations in the local community who needed our help. 

He was the liaison between Kokusai Lodge and Futaba-en Group

Home in Akishima.  Brother Nakano also worked numerous hours with

local real estate agents to acquire Kokusai Lodge a new off base

building, keeping in sync with the lodges effort to get out and be more

visible in the local community.  His proficiency in all of our lodges

degree work is amazing and an example to all brothers.  In addition,

he also found time to attend many of our fundraisers to support our

charities.  Brother Nakano has always had a positive attitude and is

always willing to do what needs to be done.  It is always a pleasure

to see Brother Nakano at every meeting and  Kokusai Lodge is

extremely lucky to have Brother Nakano.  We all look forward

to supporting him and calling him Worshipful Master for the 2012

Masonic Year. 


Kokusai Lodge Awards 25 Year Pin to Brother Gibson!

The brethren of Kokusai Lodge #15, are proud to award the 25 year pin to brother Marvin Gibson, for his 25 years of service to Kokusai lodge #15, and Masonry in general.

Brother Gibson was initiated in Kokusai Lodge No. 15 on May 10, 1973. He returned proficiency in the Master Mason degree on July 10, 1973. He was active member of our lodge until he rotated back to the United States in May of 1977.

In addition to joining Kokusai Lodge #15, Brother Gibson became a member of both the Scottish Rite and the Shrine during the fall of 1973. After joining the Shrine, he served two terms as the President of the Kanto Plains Shrine Club.

Brother Gibson returned to the states and finished his 25 year career with the Air force in 1980. He later had careers with McDonnell Douglas, as the Configuration Manager for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile and with ARINC Corporation as the Configuration Manager for the Joint STARS weapon system.


Currently, Brother Gibson is the Junior Warden for Longs Peak Lodge No. 197 in Campion CO. Our hats are off to you Brother Gibson. Way to Go!

You give all the brethren here at Kokusai Lodge something to strive for. Keep up the good work and as always keep moving forward and onward.


Kokusai Lodge forges friendship with

Futaba-en Group Home!

Brothers of Kokusai Lodge #15 continue their charitable endeavors by offering help to Futaba-en Group home in Akishima, Japan. 


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