One of Freemasonry's customs is not to solicit members. However, anyone should feel free to approach any Mason, of Kokusai Lodge #15, to seek further information about the Craft.  Under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Japan membership is for men who are 20 years of age or older, meet the qualifications and standards of character and reputation, of good moral character, and believe in the existence of a supreme being. A man who wants to join Kokusai Lodge #15 must be recommended for by two members of the lodge. He must understand that his character will be investigated. After approval by the members of Kokusai lodge #15, he will be accepted as an applicant for membership in Freemasonry.


Typically the process of becoming a Mason is as Follows:

1.  The applicant asks a member of Kokusai Lodge #15 for an application and fills it out. After he has completed the application he must return it with the initiation fee.  The petition requires two brothers to sign it, if you meet and talk with the officers of a Lodge, they can usually find sponsors or act as sponsor's themselves if you do not know anyone in the lodge.

2.  The petition must be read during the next Kokusai Lodge business meeting, which is on the first Friday of the month in the Tokyo Masonic Center.  The petition is then sent to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Japan.  A committee is formed to investigate the candidate. (Your sponsors will explain the schedule to you based on their knowledge of the Lodge's meetings/events)

3.  The committee meets with the candidate to answer questions, ascertain that he meets the criteria for membership, and find out a little about him. The committee also contacts the character references listed on the petition (typically asking if they know any reason why the candidate should not be accepted, etc.)

4.  The committee reports back to the lodge during the next business meeting.  After 30 days has passed, the candidate is voted on by all brothers in good standing at the next monthly stated meeting.  If accepted, someone from the lodge (often the Secretary) contacts the candidate and informs him that he has been accepted and schedules a date for the Entered Apprentice degree.


The doors of Freemasonry are open to men who seek harmony with their fellow man, feel the need for self-improvement, and wish to participate in making this world a better place to live.  Any man who becomes a Mason is taught a pattern for living - reverence, morality, kindness, honesty, dependability and compassion.  He must be prepared to honor his country, uphold its laws, and respect those in authority.  He must be prepared to maintain honorable relations with others and be willing to share in Masonic  activities.

Freemasonry is a way of life.

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